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Hello! My name's Aki. If ya need anything, don't be shy, just ask! ovo



image I used to assume Bloody Marys were made with blood.

I still don’t know what they’re made of but now I’m fairly certain it isn’t blood.image

tomato juice i believe, though i don’t drink so i’m not a reliable source. :/

You are correct, A bloody Mary is made of tomato juice.

askhollowdiscordandpony said: Hallo: Can I suck your tits?

Please refrain from sending such vulgar messages.

I love Anon <333

Sorry for not postin&#8217; anything recently &gt;w&gt;

Sorry for not postin’ anything recently >w>

Anyone want to send in some asks??


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The site has discounts atm ovo

I’m a 36b ovo